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Identitet – A new type system

Identitet (meaning ‘identity’ in Croatian) is a system of scripts – and therefore a system of fonts – designed to work together as a unified whole. Thickness of lines, x-height, upper case height and other elements have been carefully studied and defined to achieve stylistic and visual harmony in fonts based on vastly differing scripts. The scripts which form Identitet are: angular glagolitic, round glagolitic, Croatian cyrillic (bosančica), cyrillic, arebica and latin script. In the past thousand years they have all been used in the Balkan region. Languages of this region (Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin) share a common phonetic structure, which each of these scripts complements well. Aside from arebica, which is derived from arabic script and written right-to-left, all the other scripts are written left-to-right. 

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