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Tenth Typonine Specimen

Typonine Sans -- The Tenth Typonine Specimen consists of two connected publications. 


The first part, "Nova kolekcija" ("The New Collection"), is an artist book which showcases printed typographic artefacts found mostly in Zagreb from March until June 2014, curated and retype-set in Typonine Sans by Niko Mihaljević. It is an autobiographical urban survey that applies a modernist ideal of universal typography to a number of assorted preexisting vernacular designs and preserves them in printed format. 


The second part of the specimen provides all the necessary technical information on the typeface Typonine Sans, such as text and type samples, character sets and OpenType features. 


Wondering how come Specimen No.10 came before the Eight and Ninth one? The Eight Typonine Specimen is dedicated to our Identitet type system. It became a bigger publication than our usual specimens, requiring more work and research but is going to print these days and will be available soon. Our anniversary Ninth Typonine Type Specimen is also coming out later this year and we have something special in store for you. So please be patient and we'll keep you updated!

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